Matthew Bookin lives in Buffalo, NY.

His work has been featured in Shabby Doll House, Metazen, Everyday Genius, Cage Match, & Keep This Bag Away From Children.

"Hex" can be read HERE.

"No Rapture" can be read HERE.



Sep 29




tw: rape

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another account of rape involving stephen tully dierks.

Sep 28


every community has good people and bad people. sometimes the bad people exploit you. sometimes they abuse you. sometimes they have sex with you against your will. this is always called rape. this is always a time to support the victim.

sophia has been very brave to write this piece. i lived with this man for a year and never expected the extent of his evilness. i’ve become less and less surprised by the frequent stories i’ve heard surrounding him, and it is always heartbreaking and vile. it is important that the indie lit scene recognizes those that are taking advantage of the very young women in it.

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Jul 14
“Old friends, old lovers; I’m about to drop some of the realest shit of all time into your laps. Okay? Listen - I’ve been saving a lasagna in my freezer that my Grandmother made over 20 years ago. It’s my favorite food in the whole world and it’s the very last one in existence. Nana’s gone, but this one perfect lasagna remains. When things get too bad, which they will, I’m going to gently unthaw that lasagna. I’m going to pour myself a tall glass of good red wine or whatever I can afford. And by candle light I’m going to cram as much of that fucking pasta into my mouth as I can until my throat seals up and then BAM! No more problems!” Matthew Bookin, quarter 04 (via bobschofield)

Jul 7


quarter 04 is alive.

Check it out.

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